Mail order and Market Place: New market segments

With an economically healthy mix of flexibility and structural proven reliability, we rely on a solid mail ordersystem with a solution-oriented sales structure for you. You benefit from our years of data mining analysis of the buying habits and predictive behaviour of your future customers in new market segments.

The integration of your products in relevant foreign B2C online marketplaces is achieved through the creation of a separate web presence. Here, our order management software enables peak demand management bottlenecks or idle time to avoid order issues. We monitor the processes for you and dynamically adjust, our efficiency and precision of design always comes first.

According to our all-in-one concept you benefit from the full 360 degree experience, from the product display and ordering, to delivery and returns management. All processes are digitally recorded and documented with maximum transparency for you. As well as regulatory compliance, we also provide additional counterfeit product detection services, certified reconditioning and many other industry specific solutions.

Our order-to-cash processes at all levels, particularly for payment solutions with foreign currency,are meticulously optimized. The customs clearance for exports to third countries and the associated national language processing of the Web and goods content is part of our core competency. The regulations and laws in the respective countries are our employees expertise and are included in our detailed planning in advance of the logistic models.

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Shopping clubs and exclusive Social Media discounts

  • Avomis GMBH staff is highly experienced in exports towards Eastern Europe and the Far East since 1999, and with Mail Orders since 2012, with the founder continuing as a major shareholder.

Take advantage of a profitable sales system through our closed shopping community. Our offer is a temporary and discreet sale of goods, a special shopping experience designed to give an exclusive user experience for the buyer. The simulated emergency accelerates customers’ purchasing decisions and guarantees the conversion rate of your products. With this marketing tool that has been built up and perfected by our long-time experts, we can to help you achieve a breakthrough in Eastern Europe and Central Asia in 2020 and beyong. Find out more about AVOMIS, the potential of the shopping community and our customers experiences, and increase your brand awareness in new markets in various countries.

In a strategic sense, using a geolocalisation software enables us to limit the special offers to the shopping community to specific geographical areas. Our know-how gives you access to a closed and difficult-to-reach customer base, with 15 million active users, where you can showcase your products.

We then ensure that the newly generated retention rate from the target group continues to be supplied reliably with your goods: Using surveys and sample sales, we evaluate the market situation and adjust the supply chains for you to optimize product sales.

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Goods recycling

AVOMIS accepts and quickly commercialises your surplus, in particular current fashion for men, women, children as well as shoes and accessories. To give you maximum flexibility, the acceptance is guaranteed, with no minimum volume commitment. The coordinated export to our B2C networks within the target countries will be designed to understand about tracking software and delivering certificates for you and documented.

Define, in close consultation and we plan with you in detail the process of recovery of goods (for example, sales channel, high heels, regional regulations) and allow to benefit from our long-standing and proven expertise at all levels. Our contacts in the Eastern European and Central Asian markets play a major role. The powerful networks and the relationships we have built up here over the past eight years and maintained, thereby forming an incomparable value.

So we ensure that your discarded goods remain an active part of your value chain.

The use of our Business Intelligence gives you and us a revealing insight into the buying behavior of your potential customers. The perspective gained fro, the buying public can then be converted into personalized, targeted offers.

Seek advice from our experts and explore how we can turn your costs into cash.